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         Fiberglass Domes

A fiberglass dome is a roof circular and usually hemispherical in form, placed over a circular, square, oblong, or polygonal space. Domes have been built with a wide variety of outlines and of various materials.
We specialize in the manufacture of fiberglass domes and cupolas for commercial, residential and religious institutions. We can replicate existing domes or manufacture new dome designs. A majority of our projects have involved removing badly deteriorated or unattractive dome structures and replacing them with identical custom fibre glass domes. The durability and longevity of fibre glass far exceeds the life expectancy of domes manufactured from steel, aluminum, copper, concrete and other popular dome materials. Fibre glass domes require no internal support structure and at only a nominal 3/16-inch thickness they are much lighter when compared to other materials. Interior domes can also be manufactured and incorporated with exterior domes.
Fibre glass domes have the advantage over other materials because they can be molded into complex shapes. These shapes can be curved, corrugated, ribbed, or contoured in a variety of ways, with varying thickness. Fibre glass domes can replicate any traditional building material including, gold, copper, stainless steel, terra cotta, marble, granite, and stone.

Fiberglass-Pyramid-Domes-01 Fiberglass-Pyramid-Domes-02 Fiberglass-Pyramid-Domes-03
Fiberglass-Pyramid-Domes-04 Fiberglass-Pyramid-Domes-05 Fiberglass-Pyramid-Domes-06

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